Travel With Martin Garden Feast (A 90 Minute Dream Vacation)

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Six destinations. Six wines. Six dishes. Nineteen seats. First stop is Tokyo, where we enjoy Sake with Jasmin Edamame puree and tea scented rice, then we visit France where we indulge in Champagne and citrus potatoes with leeks and mushrooms. The Danube takes us to Kremstal for Riesling and scallops with peaches. In Piedmont sip Barbera and eat braised beef with mushrooms and fettuccine. In Santa Cruz we have Cabernet and a tasty game pie, and in Spain it's Sherry and orange peel ice cream.

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Tokyo, Japan
Japan has a long legacy of distinctive culinary traditions, most notably the cultivation of rice and tea. Ginjoshu Junmai is a top-quality sake made from rice. 50% of each kernel was polished away before brewing for excellence. Low temperature fermentation combined with specialized yeast and pure tea spring water evoke a unique, aromatic, flavorful beverage. Ginjoshu Junmai sake pairs well with Jasmin flower infused puree of immature soy beans, on a dice of fragrant green Nigiri rice.
Cramant, France
The Champagne region of France had its name before anybody ever made sparkling wine. It is also the birthplace of brie and many other delicious cheeses. We are tasting 100% bottle fermented Chardonnay from the champagne house Voirin-Jumel. It is a Brut so it has small amounts of residual sugar and yeasty aromas of citrus and apple. Potatoes and young leeks cut like long matches, braised in citrus cream with garlic and brie pair nicely with Cramant. Fresh parsley and pickled mushrooms create the perfect balance.
Senftenberg, Austria
Small Plate
Float down the Danube to one of my favorite regions in Austria, the Kremstal. Riesling from Weingut Nigl conjures notes of stone fruit like peach and apricot, along with other exotic fruits. The area is famous for apricots and lucious desserts, however we serve an elderflower marinated scallop with a peach and apricot compote. Arugula with lemongrass dressing underline the freshness of this steal tank fermented Riesling. Indulge in the summery light feel while I take you to Austria.
Asti, Italy
Small Plate
During my sommelier education, I was most intrigued by the dozens of Piedmont sub-appellations. For this course, I chose my favorite varietal from the region: Barbera. The Pairolero Barbera d'Asti Superiore from Sottimano offers rich smoothness and ripe fruit intensity. Soaked in Barbera for days, the hand cut charcoal braised beef with mushrooms, combined with yolk colored pasta, makes a perfect dance partner with your wine. Raise a glass and celebrate!
Santa Cruz, California
My children love living in Santa Cruz with its skate culture. Very close to one of the oldest skateparks in the world, "Derby" is Santa a Cruz Mountain Winery on Ingall Street. Their Cabernet Sauvignon from Luchessi Vineyard is intense, offering up aromas of ripe plums and dark chocolate. Artichokes, garlic, locally hunted game, and Santa Cruz smoked Pastrami are baked in a crispy seaweed pastry keep pace with the hearty Cab. My autumn version of Santa Cruz local food.
San Lucar de Barameda, Spain
Because of the Spanish influence here in California, and my experiences in the South of Spain, I selected a bold Solero-method dessert wine of enticing rusticity. After well over a decade in barrels, this wine seduced me to give it cream, walnuts, orange peel, green tea and toasted sesame to play with. I compose a fluffy sheep’s milk mousse of walnuts, make an orange peel ice cream and serve it with green tea-sesame wafers.

Travel With Martin Garden Feast (A 90 Minute Dream Vacation)

In-PersonCapitola, Capitola
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