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Banquet (20+ Guests)
Most people automatically season everything with iodized salt which is not the healthiest way of living. SALT SALOON SALT is different and allows for more flavor by eating less salt! Inspired by the elements, the 7 brunch courses are served in my private backyard garden. This experience features 7 different gourmet salts from Capitola salt purveyor "Salt Saloon." The food is designed in a carefully composed profile of flavors that complement the beverage line-up of seven different creations and pairings. The chosen salts were crafted by salt affineur Beverly Connelly with a wholistic approach to nutrition and balance. It happens so that we both have similar ideas of a tasty meal, and so we met at Mr. Toots in Capitola to create this menu together. The program of ingredients comes from my garden, foraging, and the neighbors and friends who think alike and provide the best quality I can find anywhere.

Menu detail

Watermelon and coconut charcoal salt with lobster
Watermelon ice cream with lobster and Hawaiian style sea salt with activated coconut shell charcoal Served with homemade strawberry wine, crafted from local organic strawberries
Boiled egg and truffle salt with grilled brioche and caviar
Boiled organic local duck egg with caviar, black truffles, warm truffle brioche, and Italian style truffle infused sea salt Served with Beauregard sparkling Chardonnay (Santa Cruz Mountains) and La Grande Dame Champagne
Private Garden artichoke with salt and pepper
Small Plate
Watsonville private garden artichoke-potato hash browns with Watsonville garlic and Salt Saloon’s salt and pepper blend. The artichoke is served in steam baskets family style. Friends eating together. Served with Santa Cruz Mountains most buttery Chardonnay
Wild caught salmon and smoked sea salt with roasted asparagus
Small Plate
A wild caught salmon is cured with salt and cold-smoked in my backyard. Freshly sliced, it's served with cherry wood smoked sea salt, grilled asparagus, and cold-pressed olive oil Santa Cruz Mountains most "smoky" Pinot Noir (French oak, new barrels, heavy toasting)
TWO and Merlot
Colorado beef and lamb. Because SALT SALOON founder Beverly is originally from Colorado. Local wharf caught fish fillet. Choose beef or lamb and fish or have all. Each is braised in Montebello Road Merlot (library wine) in a different fashion. Green olive tapenade, cracked pepper, and dried cherries give the dishes a character that matches perfectly with Fellom Ranch Merlot in Cupertino. Make a rim with Merlot infused sea salt, and pour yourself some Merlot Martin with an olive or two.
Hot Flashes
Small Plate
Baja California style flan, with a French attitude. The flan is made from caramelized brown sugar and dulce de leche, then torched with brown sugar like creme brulee. Find grains of salt and dose carefully with your "burned flan!" The salt is infused with ghost peppers Served with Wudong hot tea, and a shot of artisan made Mexican Mescal Enjoy our frozen refreshment towels to say goodbye to summer 2019
Jujube dates and Goose's goodies
"Goose’s goodies" is a local artisan candy maker and works with me to magically combine various nuts, chocolate, caramel, ginger, dates, and spices. These rustic and oh so delicious bites were composed to match the homemade 2018 vintage Jujube wine. The dish is decorated and accompanied by SALT SALOON ginger salt which can further enrich your Ristretto or Affogato coffee experience


Sommelier beverage tasting (homebrewed Kombucha and water are included in food)


In-PersonCapitola, Capitola
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