Around The World in 80 Pies Experience Series: Cool Britannia w/ special guest food historian Emma Kay

LivestreamHubbard, OH


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Take a trip to the United Kingdom through the magic of food. This is the first in Capri's AROUND THE WORLD IN 80 PIES experience series. Every month, Capri will highlight a different pie recipe from a different region of the globe. Each experience will be more than a cooking demo. It will also be a history lesson providing insights into the history and cultural significance of the pie. Learn along with Capri as she demos how to make the famous Cornish Pasty recipe from the UK Cornish Pasty Association and then stick around for the story behind the food! After the demo, Capri will be joined by food historian and British TV personality Emma Kay who will drop knowledge about the history and cultural significance of this British PIE-con followed by a live Q & A with Capri.