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Oakland, CA


By profession, I am a ligation paralegal; although by grace and heritage, I am blessed to be a down home Southern style cook, and cooking is my absolute passion. I love to see others eat and share a traditional Duhon family meal together.

As a child, my large family gathered on Sundays and holidays to enjoy a traditional meal, such as Creole-Seasoned Fried or Fricassee Chicken, Shrimp Creole, fresh greens, sassy cornbread, red beans & rice, Okra Succotash, salmon croquets and much more. However, my most favorite then and now is Seafood (Crab) Gumbo. This wonderful dish is prepared with Dungeness Crab, white shrimp, dark smoked sausage, cooked in a delicious dark roux base and served over Louisiana Long Grain rice. You can also add seasoned crackers and a big glass of chilled Blue Bayou Lemonade to the meal.

Are you hungry yet? Great! Because, now it’s your turn to taste and experience the best of my southern culinary legacy, started in Welsh, Fenton and Lake Charles, Louisiana, which I inherited through my mom, Leola “Honey” Duhon, whom I adored.

Come join my next “Bon Creole” meal, and I will very much look forward to sharing some of our favorite Duhon Family recipes with you then. As I like to say, “you can never go wrong when you, Go Creole!

Bon Appétit