Los Angeles, CA


I am a professionally trained chef from Switzerland. My love for cooking began very early at the age of 6 when I became the family chef to help my single working mother and older sister.

In the beginning my dishes were simple and easy, but as I grew so did my love for cooking and soon enough, simple meals turned into gourmet creations. I also create my own salad dressings. I pursued a 3-year apprenticeship as a chef where I learned various traditional European styles of cooking such as French, Italian, and German. My skills and passion allowed me to work in very prominent hotels and restaurants in Switzerland before I decided to move to California and experience America. I loved it here so much I never left. Living in Los Angeles and eating European food is the best of both worlds that I would like to share with everyone!

I enjoy mixing different cuisines from Europe with other cultural feasts but I also adore preparing real traditional German and Swiss meals like Mütti and Oma use to make.

Prost und Guten Appetit!