The Elegant Khmer

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Banquet (20+ Guests)
Cambodian or Khmer cuisine has always flaired with a monarchy for many centuries until recently. The history of elegancy and royalty is rarely seen nowadays, slowly replaced with street food. Since the 1860's, French and Portuguese colonies have influenced the royal food and to this day, still does. Couple with modern cooking techniques, we can now create unique dishes with a Southeast Asian taste that still brings honor to a once dominant Angkor.

Menu detail

Khmer Gregoires w/ Filling (Msaow Chien L'peuo)
French cuisine like crepes, cheeses, and potatoes have always delighted the Khmer community. However, I plan a twist on this cuisine with something colorful and flavorful at the same time. We deep fry in extra virgin oil, home made potatoes with cheeses and herbs, pumped with a sweet L’peou filling. The sauce we pair with this is a home made kalamata olive lemon garlic aioli that is sure to give you a subtle tartness to balance this dish out with multiple flavors in one.
Turmeric Vinaigrette Lotus Root Salad
Small Plate
Similar to a lily pad floating in a water garden, the lotus root thrives off of humid environments where the sun is always smiling. Flavor is usually bland, but it lowers cholesterol, blood pressure, and strengthens your immune system. Dress it with lemon/turmeric seasoning, spinach, shaved almonds, and pea shoots--creates a refreshing salad for your palette you'll definitely will appreciate.
Khmer Vacuum Lemon Grass Ribs (Chrouk Chhaoeng)
Pork ribs, seasoned with lemon grass and southeast asian herbs, wrapped in a banana leaf, and vacuum cooked in a special commercial pressure pot. It is served with jasmine rice and home made lychee puree to give it a soft meat texture of both lemon, spice, and natural fruit sweetness.
Smoked Fruit Bowl (Num Tirk Chek Phsaeng)
Out of the ashes and into the smoke. Even fruit was cooked or smoked in historic Angkor times to kill off bacteria. However, in this dish, we use banana syrup with dry ice to create an aromatic puff of fragrance that combines elegantly with a chilled dessert bowl consisting of pandan jelly, glass jelly, jackfruit, basil seeds, pam seeds, coconut, and longan fruit to give both your nose and mouth a treat. We hope to make you feel like you are in Southeast Ancient Asia without a time machine.

The Elegant Khmer

In-PersonEast Bay, Emeryville
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