San Francisco, CA


Chef Butters unique culinary perspective is informed by her travels and her Afro-Caribbean heritage. Having moved back to the states from Barcelona in early 2016, Chef Butters, who originally hails from Chicago, has since transformed her passion for cooking into a business. Her company, The Pleasure Principle began as a supper club and has evolved into private chef work, catering, and all manner of dining events. Today Chef Butters calls Oakland, CA home and you can catch her 'cooking-on-the-run' at pop-ups, restaurant takeovers, and local music, art, and food events.

In short, The Pleasure Principle is about the shameless pursuit of those things which make us happy. Food, drinks, parties, conversations, friends, family... LOVE- that's what it's really all about.

Whether you'd like to join us by taking a seat at our table for one of our fabulous dinner parties; or if you're looking for those oh-so-simple tricks to help you host a flaw and effortless party (who are we kidding?- the perfection is often found in the little flaws and nuances)- The Pleasure Principle would like to help you follow your basic instinct and pursue those things which make you happiest- whatever they may be. Because we've found that at the heart of it all is alimentation and the art of imbibing or, simply put: great food & drinks, shared somewhere beautiful with beautiful people.