Triangle Trade Offerings: Modern North African, Caribbean and Southern Cuisine

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As a chef of mixed ethnicities (Black, Dominican, Native American and Irish); I've finally found my culinary POV! Those foods hailing from North and West Africa; The Caribbean and The American South are the foods that speak to my soul. I truly believe it is my destiny to research, learn and interpret these foods which have so shaped our current culinary landscapes today. Journey with me as I reinterpret some classic foods of these pivotal regions in this 5-course tasting menu.

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Pickled Anjou Pear & Bell Pepper Salad
With Spring season abound, we're keeping it seasonal. Normally made with fresh peaches, this seasonal variation features delightfully crisp Anjou Pears. It's a sweet & salty pickled salad that's meant to awaken and brighten your palate. This dish is usually served alongside spicy food dishes and hails from the Caribbean (Jamaica and Haiti have variations). It is a delightful palate cleanser and a great way to start a meal or refresh the palate between bites.
Braised Leeks with Caribbean 5-Spice Acorn Squash
Small Plate
Delicious ghee braised leeks meets a luscious, spiced acorn squash in this vegetarian course. The Pleasure Principle's signature Caribbean 5 spice uses: all-spice, clove, cayenne, ground thyme and black pepper. All served over our signature Caribbean (well, with Belizean influence) red pepper/carrot hot sauce and topped with crushed hazelnuts for texture.
Jerk Chicken + Heritage Pork Meatballs with "Heirloom" Jerk Sauce
Small Plate
Our jerk sauce has a mother of 150 days! We've been curating this sauce for months now and it just keeps getting better and better! We marinate our ground chicken + pork mixture in this sauce for 24 hours before we prepare them. This course is what we've been preparing your palate for! An exciting ride of spicy, savory and tangy, get ready!
Peri Peri Braised Oxtails on Dominican Sweet Corn Cake
Small Plate
This is the down-home, soul-satisfying dish that brings it all together. An amalgamation of the Triangle Trade Route: North African peri-peri (a North/West African chili) meets braised oxtail for a sweet, savory, spicy and tangy tender treat. That luscious, tender oxtail is served over a Southern meets Dominican-style sweet corn cake with fresh corn kernels, jalapeño and scallions inside of it. A savory garlic + cilantro raita (a yogurt sauce often served in Trinidad & Tobago) completes this!
'Pan de Batata' Sweet Potato Bread
This meal wouldn't be complete without something sweet. 'Pan de Batata' a traditional dessert served in The Dominican Republic gets a Southern Twist with spiked rum cream cheese frosting + candied ginger. We want y'all to come back now, ya hear? So we're leaving you with a sweet taste in your mouth.


Provençal Rosé Wine Pairing
California Cabernet Sauvignon Pairing
Rum Bobby Cocktail

Triangle Trade Offerings: Modern North African, Caribbean and Southern Cuisine

In-PersonNob Hill, San Francisco
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