Night #5 A week-long dining series for SF Beer Week 2020 - The Roost is Back!

In-PersonSOMA, San Francisco


Provided,Available for purchase
Large (15-20 Guests)
east european, other, european
Local, Organic
We created The Roost for SF Beer Week 2019 to show off how delicious HenHouse beers & how talented Bay Area chefs are. This is also why we are so extraordinarily excited to announce its return for SF Beer Week 2020!! Last year we began this partnership with Christina Alexis of the Pleasure Principle Supper Club & Dining Events. Chef Christina helped us settle in on a roster of some of the most exciting culinary stars in the Bay, and the Roost was launched. We held seven exclusive dinner services during SF Beer Week last year & this year's no different! On night #5 of 'The Roost 2020', Chef Anna V. is sharing her delicious Georgian family-style tasting menu, paired with HenHouse's deliciously fresh beers. Join us on this decadent night of indulgence. YPA (Cheers in Ukrainian)!!! Our goal with "The Roost" is a delightful & decadent, educational experience. We will open each week night at 5:30 for a happy hour selection of beer & snacks, followed by dinner service at 7pm.

Menu detail

Assorted Georgian Appetizers
Walnut Pkhali with herbs, Eggplant Rolls, and Smoked Suluguni Cheese. Served with rustic flatbread. * paired with "Best Life" Extraordinary Everyday Beer *
Soko Arazhanit
Small Plate
Mushrooms cooked slowly in cream, flavored with fresh tarragon and Georgian spices. * paired with HenHouse Saison Farmhouse-style Ale with Spices *
Small Plate
Delicate chicken liver cooked with pomegranate juice and topped with fried onion. * paired with Oyster Stout, Dry Stout with Oysters and Sea Salt *
Small Plate
Tender Beef and Chickpea stew simmered in a flavorful broth. Served with warm spiced bread. * paired with "An Honest Day's Work" Red Rye Saison *
Adjarian Khachapuri
The star of our dinner. Georgian cheese-filled bread in which the dough is formed into an open boat shape, and the hot pie is topped with an egg and a pat of butter before serving. * paired with "Mandela Effect" IPA *

Night #5 A week-long dining series for SF Beer Week 2020 - The Roost is Back!

In-PersonSOMA, San Francisco
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