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Chef Andy SuarezChef Instructor. International Cuisine. Travel Chef. Mexican Roots but lover of all cuisines.(13)
Chicago, IL


My name is Chef Andy Suarez. I am a Private Chef/Chef instructor from Chicago. Born and raised here to Mexican parents with a passion for food like me. I have been teaching for about 9 years and counting. I have made it a goal to learn just about every cuisine there is by traveling and cooking so the possibilities are endless. I would love to share my vast knowledge of all the cuisines I have learned with you guys. My other endeavors when not teaching are offsite private dinners and catering in Chicago and around the United States.

I have been teaching adult and kids cooking classes focusing on fun interactive scratch cooking both in person and virtually. I specialize in international cuisine which means there is lots of techniques that you can apply to other cuisines you will learn from me. Cooking food from the first step until the last one is very fun to see how things are made. I am super excited to teach and inspire the next generation of creative Cooks and Chefs.

I earned my Bachelor's degree in Culinary management/Arts. I have worked as a Traveling Chef, Private Chef, Culinary Director, Line Cook, Restaurant Chef, Menu Developer, Caterer and Food stylist. My list of jobs in the industry has allowed me to bring all the skills into one place and share my love for teaching with you all.

My values behind my teaching is that I want people to understand food in the way that it connects us all. Food and teaching allow me to create a fun but very informative environment where people can allow cooking to be an art expression regardless of age or level. I welcome any level to attend my cooking classes and learn what it takes to be a chef or to become passionate about cooking. No one gets left behind in my classes. Everyone learns differently so I make sure I can give everyone individual attention and feedback. But most importantly I want my students to join my classes to have fun and learn skills they will always remember from a trained professional chef.