Bourbon Happy Hour with Drinks and Wings

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Let's enjoy a Bourbon themed Happy Hour together! This menu is a must for all you Bourbon lovers out there. It includes 2 classic bourbon based drinks: a Fancy Old Fashioned and a Charred Orange Bourbon Sour. These sip n' chill drinks go perfectly with Bourbon BBQ Chicken Wings. You can't go wrong with Bourbon and Wings! P.S. This menu can also be enjoyed with the bourbon flavor and without the alcohol. Click our affiliate link below to view Ritual's Zero Proof Whiskey -->

Menu detail

Charred Orange Bourbon Sour
You're really in for a delightful treat with this drink. It's like a Whiskey Sour, but with a little more pizzazz.
Bourbon BBQ Chicken Wings
Small Plate
These chicken wings are life-changing ... simply because of the deliciously flavorful Bourbon BBQ sauce. Truth be told, it's great on everything!
Fancy Old Fashioned
There's nothing like a Classic Old Fashioned, but who says perfection can't be improved. You'll enjoy the little something special we've added to this sip n' chill classic.