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New York, NY


Behzad Jamshidi, the articulate and free-wheeling mind behind some of New York’s most interesting communal dining experiences, is Iranian. Born and raised in Vancouver, B.C. Behzad Jamshidi’s most recent endeavor was with the Michelin-starred Gabriel Kreuther in New York City. Being mentored in the kitchens of Michelin-starred and world-renowned chefs, Jamshidi’s training inspired an obsession for fine dining and service.

Behzad loves to use the skills that he has acquired and apply them toward creating narratives through food & lifestyle, stories that are whimsical, spaces that are communal, and events that inspire guests to share their experiences with one another.

Chef Behzad hopes to build platforms and communities for people who aspire to promote communal experiences, create social changes, and celebrate their diversity within culture. At the heart of each narrative he personalizes, is that we all come from somewhere, we all have our experiences, and in that way we are all the same.