Jamaican Jerk Fried Chicken || Island Brunch

In-PersonSOMA, San Francisco


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Banquet (20+ Guests)
brunch, caribbean, soul food
Local, Organic
This brunch is produced by the experiences of Jamaican Back Yard gatherings on Sat and Sundays. Time doesn't exist here as we laugh, share dishes and tell stories.Everyone has heard of Grilled Jerk Chicken but I Bet you've never had Fried Jerk Chicken! There is one requirement and that is to laugh and loosen up. The music is contemporary Jamaica and the vibe is cool mon. My Mother Chef Sharon taught me how to cook at age 10 and There is so much love for the Islands, the Food and the Culture.

Menu detail

Jamaican Saltfish fritters
These Crispy Fish balls have a soft delicious interior packed with flavor.
Miss Sharon's Fried Chicken
This dish was first prepared by my mother at 11 years old. She has since perfected it, twisting flavors into submission on her quest for the greatest Fried Chicken in the world. Think about it: Its crackly, crunchy skin satisfies that comfort food craving after a long night, giving way to tender meat. Repeat after me: Crunchy, comforting, and delicious. Also served with Jamaican Festival. Fresh out of the fryer ,it is a delight. A festival in your mouth!
Jamaican Cabbage Slaw
Small Plate
This is a staple in every Caribbean household. This recipe has many variations. The texture is crunchy and the flavor is bold.
The Sunday Macaroni and Cheese Pie
Small Plate
In Jamaica we call it a Macaroni Pie but in America it is called Baked Macaroni & Cheese. The Beauty of this dish is that Macaroni Pies are never exactly the same. The twice cooked macaroni is drenched in egg & cheese and baked to a golden brown crisp. "Macaroni and Cheese Pie is a staple of all good Southern family dinners, church dinners and socials."
Grilled Pineapple w Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream
Grilled Pineapple Slice sauteed in a Secret Rum & Caramel Sauce. Topped with Homemade Vanilla Ice-cream.


Sparkling Water
Single Serve Island Spiked Punch
Miss Sharon's Fried Chicken(3 pieces)
Island Spiked Punch

Jamaican Jerk Fried Chicken || Island Brunch

In-PersonSOMA, San Francisco
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