Phoenix, AZ


Chef Dominique has a passion for teaching others just how easy and delicious it is to eat plant-based. All are welcomed in her classroom. Just bring a willingness to learn and an appetite of course! Are you an omnivore looking to transition to pescatarianism? Would you like to become a little more vegan-friendly a couple nights a week? Wherever you are in your food journey Chef Dominique will have suggestions for you. As a native of the Southwestern United States, Chef Dominique enjoys bold and spice filled flavors from Mexican cuisine that evoke memories of her youth. After spending some time in Southern California as an adult she began to expand her palette to Asian and Indian flavors. With that momentum she began to explore even more cuisines like; Italian, Mediterean, and Puerto Rican.

In the past 5 years Chef Dominique has specialized in vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian meal-prepping, catering, recipe development, and personal chef services. Over the last 2 years she has integrated in-person and virtual cooking experiences. She loves working closely with clients. If you have a special request please reach out!