Global Soul Food Cooking Series - California Cuisine Part 2

LivestreamEmeryville, CA


Gluten Free, Local, Organic
Join us for a global culinary odyssey on Friday’s this Fall. We’ll cook up a delicious menu from a different locale and meet a guest chef who will share a bonus recipe from their tradition while sharing their story and creating culinary cultural context. This week, Chef Jesse Bloom welcomes Chef Angela Ginsburg from A Forkful of Earth Organic Catering to talk about the importance of sourcing local and organic foods whenever you can and how to highlight them in your everyday meals. Check out her website here: Each class is designed for the adventurous home cook, you’ll return from this culinary journey with new found confidence and inspiration in the kitchen (and some new friends.) Participants receive shopping lists a week in advance and of the class and recordings of all lessons. If you need to miss a class or have plans--don’t worry--recordings of each class are available for you to join as you wish. Our food is predominantly plant based with an animal protein highlighted in each meal. There is always a vegan option. With the exception of home-baked bread lessons our menus are gluten free.

Menu detail

Seared Hanger Steak & Composed Market Greens Salad
Sacred Kitchen's California Cuisine #2 Menu Seared Hanger Steak Composed Market Greens Salad Caper- Mustard Vinaigrette Frizzled Herbs Chef Angela Ginsburg will join us during the live virtual cooking and add commentary as Chef Jesse teaches and cooks this Farmer's Market inspired California menu. A free bonus class video will be emailed to all participants and will show Chef Angela teaching Chef Jesse her Goat Cheese Bombs, Thyme Infused Vinegar and Cali Pickles. Join Us in Bringing a World of Flavor to your living room!