Comida de San Andres with Chef Charles Michel - A Fundraiser for World Central Kitchen and Hurricane Iota Survivors

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On Nov. 16th, Hurricane Iota leveled the Colombian Islands Providencia and San Andres, leaving tens of thousands without food and shelter. World Central Kitchen(WCK) mobilized and are currently feeding thousands there as a part of their Nobel Peace Prize nominated disaster relief efforts. Friday's class was set to feature Colombian Cuisine with guest Chef Charles Michel. So it seemed fitting to showcase the Caribbean fare of these islands while contributing 25% of all proceeds to WCK's relief effort ( We will be making Rondon--A Caribbean Fish Stew and Coconut Rice Sacred Kitchen's Global Soul Food Series features a delicious menu from a different locale and a guest chef who shares cultural context and their story. This week, Chef Jesse Bloom is thrilled to welcome internationally acclaimed food activist and artist Chef Charles Michel. Learn all about his work and thriving community here: Participants receive shopping lists and recordings of all lessons.

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Comida de San Andres: Rondon and Coconut Rice
Rondon--Coconut Milk Seafood Stew with Red Snapper, Squid, Plantains and Tubers Vegan Rondon--A plant based version of the above Coconut Rice Chef Charles Michel will join us during the live virtual cooking and add commentary as Chef Jesse teaches and cooks his way through this menu. Join Us in Bringing a World of Flavor to your living room!
Bonus Class: Plantain Cake
A free bonus class video will be emailed to all participants and will show Chef Jesse learning to make Plantain Cake with San Andres native baker and chef Pamela Jay-Pang