Trivia & Flatbread Cooking Class

LivestreamEmeryville, CA


Vegan, Vegetarian
Join us for a FREE Global Trivia and Flatbread Cooking Class. Together we will cook up a delicious quick housemade flatbread dough, using a focaccia recipe, as well as a marinara sauce to sauce it up with. Choose your favorite toppings and get creative with plating & flavors. While our flatbreads cook we will play a fun round of Global Flatbread Trivia! The recipes, shopping, and equipment list will go out via email prior to the event. So please include your email address when booking! Hope to see you there! Cheers!

Menu detail

Housemade Flatbread
Housemade Focaccia Flatbread Dough ~ Marinara Sauce ~ Choose your favorite toppings!