Lunar New Year - Scallion Pancakes

LivestreamEmeryville, CA


Join us as we ring in the Lunar New Year Together! Sacred Kitchen invites Chef Doug Eng to the Global Soul Food Cooking Classes. Together we will cook up a delicious feast and specialty cocktail that will bring you the best of luck in the coming New Year! We will also play a round of Trivia as our dishes come together. So invite your friends and family and let's get cooking! ** Please be sure to provide your email address when signing up so we can send you the recipes, shopping, and equipment list needed to cook along. **

Menu detail

Mandarin-Ginger Spritz
We couldn't have a party without a cocktail! Fresh mandarin juice and spicy ginger make this beverage a must-have. Add your spirit of choice!
Scallion Pancakes
We will explore the traditional method of making these delicious multilayered Chinese Flatbreads. We invite you to bring a braised protein of choice.
Chile Crisp
Is there anything that Chile Crisp is not good on? This isn't an appetizer but is the most trending condiment of the past year. We will make a housemade chile crisp that goes perfectly with the scallion pancakes and will add some additional spice to the Fun See.
Fun See
Small Plate
A cozy vermicelli & shitake noodle dish to warm you up and fill your belly with happiness.