Sacred Kitchen's Bolivian Brunch with Chef Ariane

LivestreamBerkeley, CA


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We hope you will join us for the Live Virtual Bolivian Brunch Cooking Class and we have created several ticket prices, so please pay what you can. We do not want anyone to be left out due to pricing. To increase the price of the ticket, please choose one of our add-on ticket prices. Cross continental exploration of the cuisine of the Andes, France, Berkeley, and food from Bolivia and highlighting food from several of the 36 distinct cultural nations that make up Bolivia. Menu Sopa de Mani Sonso de Yuca Llajua Chicha de Mani (beverage) Chef Jesse and Chef Ariane will make Cunapes for the bonus class and we will share a video with you prior to the Live Bolivian Brunch Class so you can make them ahead of time and enjoy with us on Sunday! Shopping Lists, Recipes, and the Bonus Class recording will be sent out the week of the event.

Menu detail

Sopa de Mani
Small Plate
Bolivian Peanut Soup
Sonso de Yuca
Small Plate
Cassava and Cheese Pancake
Spicy Salsa
Chicha de Mani
Peanut & Assorted Grain Juice


Pay what you can! Choose this add-on to increase ticket price.
Pay what you can! Choose this add-on to increase ticket price.