Decatur, GA


Naina Bhedwar is a Chef whose passion for food, cooking and spices began when she was knee high, in the family kitchen! Since then, Naina has taken this passion far and wide; on a mission to demystify the cuisine of the Near East and the Indian subcontinent. Being self-taught, her drive, ambition and lifelong love of food is her daily fuel.

Hailing from two distinct and vibrant Indian communities, the Parsis (originally from Persia) and the Punjabis of India’s North, Naina has had the further privilege of living in all four corners of India as well as abroad in Australia, the UK and now, Atlanta. Each home brought new and delicious culinary and cultural experiences, allowing a faceted and multi-layered love of all things edible, to emerge and take hold.

Kesar Kitchen, LLC (Kesar is the Hindi term for Saffron ~ Naina’s favorite spice) offers exciting and interesting ways to masterfully prepare and present the endlessly varied and incredibly interesting food of India, Persia and the Near East. To the Chef, there is no greater salute to her ancestry.

Chef Naina currently teaches many successful public and private cooking classes, in-person and virtual, in cooking schools and in your home kitchen. She caters small group events and arranges delicious, memorable in~home restaurant experiences that bring fine food and wine home to you.

Be it through a flavorful cooking class experience, a personalized cooking party with a difference or a catered event, Kesar Kitchen promises to entertain both the mind and palate with interesting epicurean facts and bold, exciting flavors.