Shake-up your brunch: Indo-Persian style Shakshuka!

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Shakshuka is an iconic Middle Eastern dish, eaten for breakfast as well as all through the day. It elevates the ordinary egg to the next level. Join Chef Naina Bhedwar, the Queen of Spicing, to learn about and create a delicious (and equally iconic) Indo-Persian twist on Shakshuka, called Tamota-pur-eeda! This sweet-sour, delicately spiced, yet incredibly flavorful dish spotlights tomatoes and can be served for brunch or supper, as an appetizer on main course, in warm weather or cold--the variety is limitless. This is not just a delicious class but also an act of service. Join and 1/3 of your ticket purchase will be donated directly to Sewa International's Covid-19 oxygen fund, providing critical assistance to the people of India who are suffering greatly from a second wave of the virus. There's also an option to donate further when you reserve your spot.

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Indo-Persian Shakshuka (Tamota-pur-eeda)
This is a dish very close to the Chef's heart, one she grew up eating and still makes regularly for family, friends and clients. Originating in the Parsi, or Indo-Persian community of India, it is an ode to the humble egg. Historically, this dish is rooted in the cuisine of the Middle East (Persia and surrounding areas) but it has changed over the years, as with all Parsi cuisine, taking on aspects of Indian spicing and cooking technique that elevate its flavor and texture. The taste is unique and greater than the sum of its parts. A few simple ingredients meld to create surprising depth of flavor. Thank you and see you in the class!


Donation To Save Lives in India
Donation To Save Lives in India