Spice up a favorite - Indian inspired barbecue chicken & slaw!

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Join Chef Naina Bhedwar, ahead of the July 4th holiday weekend, to spice things up!! You'll learn to take a familiar and very popular favorite, Barbecue Chicken and Slaw, a few thousand miles east, to the shores of Goa, India. Borrowing from another favorite on that side of the world, Vindaloo, Chef Naina creates a blend of flavors, textures and colors that is finger licking good.

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Chicken Barb-aloo with Indian inspired slaw
Vindaloo is an incredibly popular curry sauce originating in the beach and palm-tree capital of India, Goa. With its roots in Portuguese cuisine, where vinegar is frequently used, Vindaloo incorporates not just vinegar, but chilies, aromatics and a host of beautiful spices. It is sweet, sour and spicy and always has its fans going back for more and more and more! But on a hot summer's day, when you still crave the spice, the sweetness and the tang, but not necessarily a giant bowl of steaming rice and curry, reach for this recipe! Using all the hallmark ingredients of a great Vindaloo, Chef Naina has created her version, that acts as a marinade or barbecue sauce, affectionately called Barb-aloo! Whether grilled or roasted, the depth of flavor from this sauce will take your chicken (or whatever you happen to slather it on...) to the next level! This recipe can be cooked on the grill or in the oven. Since I will be on camera I am using my oven and will be sharing a secret technique to help get the "grilled" feeling, indoors. Served alongside a crunchy slaw bathed in a creamy dressing with the kiss of spice, it's a match made in heaven. Join Chef Naina to create this brilliant pairing and wow your next gathering of friends and family with what will definitely be a new favorite!