COOKING FOR A CAUSE ~ Support the courageous women & people of Iran!!

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The revolution that is taking place in Iran is, without a doubt, HISTORY IN THE MAKING. The stunning courage and fortitude of the people of this beautiful nation, so incredibly rich in history and culture, is nothing short of amazing and an example to us all in the West, where we take the simplest of freedoms so often for granted. Join Chef Naina Bhedwar and friends, all of whom have Persian ancestry, for a FUNDRAISING cooking class where you will learn to cook a beautiful Iranian soup, Ash-e-reshte, that is not just amazingly flavorful but also symbolizes rebirth and renewal, a path that the Iranian people are actively CHOOSING, day after day. As with any crisis of this magnitude, those of us oceans away can feel helpless to make a difference. Nonetheless, we must do whatever we can to spread awareness, shine a light on their efforts to bring down the totalitarian regime and contribute funds where they can best be used. We will not just cook together but also take the opportunity to learn and share more about the beauty of this land, while doing what we can to raise funds that benefit and contribute to their incredibly heroic efforts. The tyranny they have faced for so many years must end and we must do all we can to assist their efforts! Please feel free to involve older children and families in the cooking. We must generate all the positive energy and awareness that we can. We ask for a minimum donation of $25 but please feel free to give generously. 100% of profits will be donated to AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, who continue to fight for human rights for those involved in these crises. As a thank you for your participation & contribution we will be sending you a delightful, and easy to make, Persian sugar cookie recipe, after the class. So stay tuned!

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Ash-e-Reshte : Persian Noodle & Herb Soup
This beautiful soup is rich with flavor that reveals itself in layers. Bursting with the goodness of many green herbs, healthy beans and legumes as well as a deeply flavored caramelized onion topping, it is the perfect dish for Autumn and Winter and also the beginning of Spring when it is traditionally cooked in Iran. It is a recipe you will return to again and again! There are many elements that can be prepared in advance or with the use of clever short cuts, so it can be ready in a shorter time. If you are cooking along with us please prepare as many of the ingredients in advance as you can, such as slicing the onions, rinsing and prepping the greens, measuring out the spices etc. This will help you keep up with the cooking in the best way.


Continue your contribution to the cause...
Continue your contribution to the cause...
Continue your contribution to the cause...
Continue your contribution to the cause...