New York, NY


Hello Foodies! I am so excited to be connecting with the ChefsFeed community! I am Rebecca Johnson, a former national model turned plant-based chef. Years ago, I wanted a natural way to address some stubborn health problems without surgery and plant-based living was the way. I was certified in Plant Based Nutrition and started living The Plant Rich Life without the scary diagnosis. Because my Dad, a professional cook, taught me my way around the kitchen at six years old, my southern kitchen roots meet up with my learned global aspirations blending together savory flavors that make health and nurture the center of the plate. For over ten years, I have taught families and individuals culinary and nutrition education, so I pepper (see what I did there?) my classes with the science behind why eating more plants is a great choice everyone should make. If you are a meat eater, my recipes can be the side dish you will love adding to your table.

I live in New York City where you can eat your way around the world without traveling more than five miles and my favorite way to get there is on my bike. Follow me @plantrichlife