Southern Inspired 4 Course Slider Menu

In-Person Mission, San Francisco


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Banquet (20+ Guests)
Your choice of a multi-course meal inspired by my heritage, refined by my culinary training with a layed back feel.

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Choose a Starter Orange and Fennel Salad -With a side of parmesan cheese and Dukkah -Orange Vinaigrette ****Note this salad does contain walnuts.**** Bruschetta Grilled bread served with garlic, tomatoes and basil. Cool Melon Gazpacho Creamy and tangy could melon soup garnished with croutons. Sweet Corn Bread Squares and Honey Butter Cakey corn bread squares that is served with sweet cream honey butter. Kale Mac and Cheese Bites Kale , Mac & cheese in a flaxseed crust and fried.
Small Plate
Choose One The Greens A mixture of Collard, Turnip and Mustard greens simmered with our custom blend of spices, onions, turnip roots, and ham. Dirty Red's Dirty Rice Flavor Basmati rice cooked together with ground chicken liver and beef. Seasoned with out fiery house blend of spices. Garnished with sliced chives, Candied Sweet Potatoes and Yams Roasted Sweet Potatoes and Yams in a buttery cinnamon brown sugar glaze. Smashed Potatoes Seasoned buttery oven roasted rosemary potatoes.
Entree Sliders
Choose One Two per person served on fresh baked bread, Mayo, and Lettuce Stewed Chicken Chicken stewed with onions, tomatoes, vegetables and balsamic vinegar. Grillades and Grits Slow-cooked pork chops simmered in garlic, tomatoes and Cajun "Holy Trinity" (bell pepper, onion, clelery) and cheese grits spread. Fried Chicken Chicken seasoned in our family spice blend with a crispy fried coating and a pickle. Salt and Pepper Confit Chicken Seasoned with light herb and cooked in it's own fat.
Dessert Parfait
Choose one Sweet Potato Buttery sweet potatoes bake with earthy spices. Bananas Bananas caramelized in butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and fresh orange juice. Peach Peaches simmered in a spiced brown sugar syrup. Apples Caramelized apples in a salted caramel sauce.


Bombay Lemonade
Blackberry Spiced Cordial
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Southern Inspired 4 Course Slider Menu

In-Person Mission, San Francisco
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