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Chef Squaby

Berkeley, CA


Squabisch was started in 2015 by Uli Elser aka Chef Squaby. Uli was born in Sindelfingen, Germany and moved to California where he was 'raised Schwaebisch' - the region in Germany known for Pretzels - among other dishes. Squabisch bakes pretzels at the Berkeley Bread Project and sells at Pop-up events and Farmers Markets. Squabisch sells over 30 varieties of pretzels. In addition to pretzels, Chef Squaby teaches other Schwaebische dishes such as : spaetzle, kaesspaetzle, goulash, schnitzel, krautwickel (cabbage rolls), and rindsrouladen (beef rolls).
Chef Squaby has been teaching Pretzel Making Classes and German Cooking classes since 2016.
'Schwaebisch Food with a California Twist'.