Authentic German Pretzel Class - Great for Kids!! - Livestream via Zoom

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Learn how to make authentic German pretzels in this fun, hands-on livestreamed class. You can even follow-along from home and make some in real-time. (if you make the dough prior to class) No prior cooking or baking experience required and this class is FUN FOR KIDS 5 and up (with parental help)! Class is 1 hour and you will learn all there is to know about how to make delicious German Soft Pretzels! From making the dough to forming various pretzel shapes, to dipping in an alkaline solution (baking soda)to baking and eating and learning a little German culture! (Chef Squaby also offers a ‘Masters Edition’ class for those who want to go a bit further into the Pretzel world and use lye and learn how to make special varieties, etc. That class is $39 and runs just over 1 1/2 hours.) Once you sign-up I will send you the ingredient and equipment list (both minimal) so you can get prepared and jump right in! Chef Squaby will show you some tips & tricks to save you time and make awesome pretzels! And right when the class ends your own pretzels will be ready to eat! The goal of this class is to show you that making pretzels isn't that difficult and I hope you want to make them over and over again - as if you were making bread or some other baked good. I prefer teaching these classes in person but find that online is fun and beneficial too! This will be live-streamed on Zoom.

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the classic german soft pretzel
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What differentiates the German pretzel from most purchased in the US is the addition of milk & butter in ingredients.