Chef VirgilFather, Force Multiplier, Food Whisperer.(225)
Sacramento, CA


Our Friends Career Development is a nonprofit job training center focused on changing the way people view the labor culture. We break this down into two concepts: providing a positive working environment and by providing coaching and support. We believe that when focused on these two fundamentals, we are able to reinvigorate a person’s self worth, which creates positive mental health, and will develop our workers into strong leaders.

We've taken our experience in food and have helped create jobs and other financial opportunities for people with limited access to this type of work. We pride ourselves on our ability to teach others and have learned it's much easier to teach than it is to unlearn bad habits. We've translated this type of work in the virtual space. And with each of our clients, we've created a specific course of work to progress towards their goals. Generally these passion projects take a ton of sweat equity. With the catering and staffing opportunities we create, the clients we work with are able to supplement their income in order to continue working on what makes them happy.

Our content will be focused on the story that has been unfolding while creating this organization. We've evolved from just being servers and cooks to being people who create connections, face hardships head-on, and adapt to circumstances like none other. We moonlight in catering and restaurants, however our passions and projects go far beyond what we serve to our guests. By allowing ourselves the ability to accept changes, we've opened up doors to worlds we never would have thought we'd cross paths with.