California Soul Food: Fried Chicken + Chili

In-PersonRussian Hill, San Francisco


Pop-up space
Available for purchase,Provided,BYOW
Banquet (20+ Guests)
ice cream/gelato, soul food, californian
Local, Organic
This series of pop up dinners will be focused on my concept of CALIFORNIA SOUL FOOD. I like to believe that every country has it's meals where family is the focus. California is made up of so many different cultures and each of my pop ups will focus on a different type of cuisine that brings people comfort. This particular dinner will be focused on American soul food. Be prepared to try my style of fried chicken that I grew up eating and learning about my journey that has brought me here.

Menu detail

agua fresca
We source fruits and veggies locally from the farmer's market to make a delicious and refreshing welcome drink.
someone's house made bread
Small Plate
We special order our bread from aspiring bakers from people's homes. This bread is made from Jason Wilkerson's home in Oakland, CA. Served with tempered butter that's probably too salty for your upcoming doctor's visit but good enough for your soul.
grilled endive and fennel salad
It's winter time and nothing screams it's cold outside than bitter greens. But honestly, who likes eating bitter lettuce?? We balance out the bitterness with a bright ver jus vinaigrette, poached eggs, fine herbs, and compressed fennel.
not boring potatoes
We like making fun potatoes so we put lots of love and different techniques that will provide contrasting textures and balance. This isn't your grandma's Thanksgiving mashed potatoes!
a delicious plate of greens
Believe it or not, I make the best greens. Simple preparation with the right balance of spicy, acidic, pungent, and hearty.
our almost award winning chili
My friends and I competed in our very first food competition, and it was all about chili. After intensive research on chili competitions, we concluded that winning bowls did not have ground beef, crushed tomatoes, and most importantly, no beans. We had no idea what we were doing when the competition began and were definitely the underdogs. We use smoked chicken and garnish it with a beautiful succotash relish good enough for 2nd place. (The judges told us it would have won 1st if we had beans)
my dad's fried chicken
Growing up my dad had this magical ability to feed more people with a single chicken than I've ever seen. Of course to him, it's just the way he grew up butchering chicken in the Philippines, but for someone like me it was a revelation when it comes to dinner parties. I take my dad's technique of frying chicken with very little dredge and I pair it with a thai chili gastrique. This isn't your average dredged up fried chicken!
fruit du jour
Small Plate
My family didn't eat a lot of dessert but we ate a lot of fruit after dinner. My dad is a fiend for sweet fruit and will drive to the furthest asian grocery store in order to get the best available. We find fruits at the farmer's market at it's peak and use a simple preparation in order to maintain it's integrity while highlighting its beautiful flavors. Served with bread and house ricotta.
december's gelato
This month's gelato will feature a sweet/tart gelato of apple and pear topped with honeycomb crumble.


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California Soul Food: Fried Chicken + Chili

In-PersonRussian Hill, San Francisco
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