California Soul Food: Carnitas + Tequilas

In-PersonSOMA, San Francisco


Pop-up space
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Banquet (20+ Guests)
mexican, soul food, californian
Local, Organic
California + Mexican cuisine, it doesn't get better than that. And nothing describes my twenties like tequila does. This dinner party will have a focus on traditional techniques with a California flare when it comes to the ingredients. Our beverage pairing will be tequila inspired in non-traditional forms. This will be a meal that will hit all parts of your palette from sweet to salty, fatty and pickled, this will be a dinner to remember!

Menu detail

agua fresca
We source fruits and veggies locally from the farmer's market to make a delicious and refreshing welcome drink.
as i walk gingerly
ginger, citrus, prosecco, tequila blanco
someone's house made bread
Small Plate
We special order our bread from aspiring bakers from people's homes. This bread is made from Britney Brillantes' home in Sacramento, CA.
salt, citrus, tequila blanco
not a taco salad, a tako salade
This is one of the first recipes I made at my first Valentine's Day dinner. I apply my experience with each added restaurant to continue improving this dish. We braise octopus and compress it in it's own jus. We slice it extremely thin and top it off with an thai larb style arugula salad.
tomato, spicy stuff, salty tings, citrus, modelo
real ass carnitas
We wanted a special emphasis on making incredibly traditional carnitas. There's a big difference between rendered pork butt that's nice and crispy and still in good chunks than something that looks like pulled pork. We're serving this family style with tortillas and a whole bunch of non-traditional toppings and sides to accompany our pork.
issa spicy
serrano, citrus, smoke salt, tequila blanco
ceviche y tostada
We like to keep our seafood presentation rather simple to let the seafood shine on its own. Our ceviche preparation is made with citrus we get from the Yisrael Family Farm here in Oak Park and olive oil and maldon. We cure our fish before we marinate it, allowing it to truly embrace its fresh fish flavor.
paloma milk punch
grapefruit, pineapple, curds, tequila blanco
two types of rice
Small Plate
We couldn't decide what type of rice we wanted to do so we're doing two types: both traditional Spanish rice and slightly non-traditional cilantro-lime rice. We aim to please everyone!
two types of beans
Small Plate
We also decided to do two types of beans: your more health-conscience black beans and then your super delicious loaded refried pinto beans. The choice is yours. ¿Por que no las dos?
"damn blood, it's fennel a little chile in here"
blood orange, fennel, chamomile, chile, mezcal
fruit du jour
Small Plate
My family didn't eat a lot of dessert but we ate a lot of fruit after dinner. My dad is a fiend for sweet fruit and will drive to the furthest asian grocery store in order to get the best available. We find fruits at the farmer's market at it's peak and use a simple preparation in order to maintain it's integrity while highlighting its beautiful flavors. Served with bread and house ricotta.
ice cream
We're making a delicious flan gelato! I couldn't think of a better way to end the meal!

California Soul Food: Carnitas + Tequilas

In-PersonSOMA, San Francisco
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