I AM V S.A.D. (Virtual Singles Awareness Dinner)

LivestreamSacramento, CA


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Generally each year we host a Singles Awareness Dinner around Valentine’s Day to celebrate what makes each of us special. This year, we wanted to offer an option for people to celebrate Valentine’s Day from the comfort of their home. On Sunday (February 20th) we are hosting our very first Virtual Livestream Cooking Event. Here’s how it works: Our cooking class will be taught in techniques. Although we will all be following a basic recipe, our goal is to teach you something that you can use on almost everything you run across in your day to day life. You will shop for your ingredients. The “Menu Item” will list the technique and the items to shop for will be listed under each “Menu Item”, you will also notice that there are different options for each technique, we wanted to be inclusive of all diets as well as offering flexibility in case the store is short on something. 2a. We will also have a cocktail offering (non-alcoholic option available). In addition to the alcohol you’ll be purchasing, for $10 we will have a “garnish package” available to be shipped. This package will include a tincture, a simple syrup, and garnishes for the cocktail we’ll be making. You can make the purchase on the TASTEMADE website. Last day for shipping will be February 14th. Tune into the link we will post on our socials. For those that RSVP through Tastemade you will be sent email reminders for when we go live. We have so much planned in store for this event! Music will be spun by @WLFSREIGN, cocktails and cookies presented by @24kavalon and @doughbysolo, we will also premiere music videos and other media we’ve recently produced while also introducing a lot of new projects we have lined up for this year. Needless to say, this will be a great event to summarize all the work we’ve done over the past few years, and packaging it for your home. Join us for an incredibly special evening where you can celebrate by yourself, with a loved one, with friends/family, or with an online date. This year, the choice is yours. media:

Menu detail

Sear Your Protein
From understanding how to season your proteins ahead of time, all the way to resting, cutting and plating. This technique is consistent through all the examples we will provide: beef, chicken, fish, or mushroom (depending on your diet)
Don't Overcook Your Vegetables
Small Plate
It took me awhile to enjoy vegetables, and that's because I never knew how to cook them properly. With this technique, we will show you how to efficiently cook a hearty vegetable like broccolini or asparagus, and something leafy like spinach.
Shake Your Cocktail
We invite you to get some bartender shaker tins at your local store and shake some drinks for dinner! We've listed two bottles of alcohol to try and make drinks with, and for an additional $10 we have prepared a garnish kit that will include a simple syrup, tincture, and house made garnishes for your drink (non-alcoholic version also available)
Quick! Cookies
Baking is such a serotonin filled activity. With this technique, we show you how to make a small batch of cookies, so that you can always satisfy that late night craving.


Cocktail Garnish Kit