Buggy Halloween Feast

In-PersonChelsea, New York


Banquet (20+ Guests)
tapas/small plates, gastropub food, other
The media is abuzz in edible bugs, however few opportunities exist to try edible insects for yourself, UNTIL NOW!!! ChefPV in collaboration with The Chef’s Collective Lab present a Pre-Halloween Buggy Feast featuring a 7-course tasting menu where insects are the main event. Proceeds of the dinner are donated to Little Herds, an educational nonprofit teaching the next generation about the opportunities a bug-enhanced diet can provide.

Menu detail

Chapulines Collard Wraps
Small Plate
Chapulines wrapped in steamed collards with roasted vegetables, cauliflower rice and horseradish crema in Japanese ginger dressing
Honey Larvae Quinoa
Small Plate
Taramosalata-stuffed Cherry Tomatoes with Honey Larvae over Saffron Quinoa
Mealworm Latkes
Small Plate
Sweet potato mealworm latkes served with cranberry-orange compote
Mealworm Mac Souffle
Small Plate
Macaroni and cheese souffle with mealworms and macaroni pasta created using mealworms
Chapuline-crusted Catfish
Small Plate
Chapulines-crusted catfish with red cabbage and dill slaw
Herbed Cricket Kulfi
This herbed-infused, Indian version of ice-cream is fortified with crickets and served with berries mulled in cricket bitters topped with golden candied crickets

Buggy Halloween Feast

In-PersonChelsea, New York
(Exact Address will be shared upon purchase.)