Cooking Bugs @ Brooklyn Foodworks with ChefPV

In-PersonWilliamsburg, Brooklyn


Pop-up space
Medium (10-15 Guests)
gastropub food, paleo, other
Gluten Free, Paleo
Eating bugs is the latest culinary trend and NOW is your chance to learn everything you need to know about incorporating this superfood into your diet with ChefPV, host of Buggin'Out ( In this class you will prepare the following Paleo-friendly, Gluten-free Entomophagy dishes: Collard con Chapulines wraps, Gusano marinara over Zucchini pasta de Chapuline, Chapulin-crusted Catfish in Watercress Jus & Grasshopper Protein Bars! BUG APPETIT!

Menu detail

Collard con Chapulines wraps
Small Plate
The class begins with blanching collards, roasting red peppers over an open flame and creating and herbaceous cauliflower rice. A spicy horseradish sauce is then used to seal the Chapulines et al inside the collards to create this satisfyingly delicious, on-the-go, healthy treat.
Chinicuiles Marinara over Zucchini pasta de Chapulin
Small Plate
Zucchini linguine served in a Chinicuiles Marinara sauce, finished with Oaxacan grasshoppers sauteed with thyme and garlic.
Chapulin-crusted Catfish in Watercress Jus
Small Plate
Grinded grasshoppers add a deliciously, earthy, gluten-free crust to any light and flaky fish. Students will further prepare a watercress jus to accompany this dish.
Grasshopper Protein Bars
Small Plate
These homemade bars get their protein punch from pistachio butter and dehydrated chapulines. Once you learn how to make these you'll be on your way to never buying another protein bar again :)

Cooking Bugs @ Brooklyn Foodworks with ChefPV

In-PersonWilliamsburg, Brooklyn
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