Maggie's Private Event

In-PersonNob Hill, San Francisco


Large (15-20 Guests)
chinese, italian
We all know the age old question, who invented the noodle, the Chinese or the Italians? With this series of dinners, I'm celebrating a marriage between the two cuisines. Come hungry and bring an open mind.

Menu detail

5 Spice Beef Raviolo
Small Plate
Housemade pasta dough is stuffed with 5 spice braised beef, tofu and an egg yolk. Served in it's braising liquid.
Smashed Cucumbers
Small Plate
Dressed in black vinegar and chile
Pea Shoot Salad
Small Plate
Pea shoots and cabbage dressed in a bright sesame dressing
Dan Dan Noodles
Housemade noodles topped with lamb sugo and pickled vegetables
Chinese Bomboloni
Because this marriage needs to happen


Venue Fee

Maggie's Private Event

In-PersonNob Hill, San Francisco
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