San Francisco, CA


Siska and her company, ChiliCali has been serving Indonesian inspired food in San Francisco Bay Area since 2015. Siska has also launched a line of Indonesian cooking condiments after a successful fundraising campaign on Kickstarter. Her jarred sambal won Good Food Awards Pantry Category in 2019.

In July 2021, Siska opens a Modern Indonesian restaurant in Redwood City called Warung Siska (means Siska's small restaurant). The restaurant was only 2.5 months young when Michelin Guide 2021 included it on the guide and recognized it under the Plate category. There's only 10 Indonesian restaurant in Michelin Guide and 3 are in the U.S.

ChiliCali is the food she cooks, sauces she jars, recipes she writes, and anything from her kitchen that represents her roots: Asia & California. Growing up in close proximity to the great outdoors in Indonesia, Siska is passionate in sourcing sustainable, local, and healthy ingredients. She started cooking at a young age with her mother and mentor, a chef in Jakarta, and brought her talent and passion to San Francisco and now she is an Indonesian food ambassador. Her ultimate goal is to promote and raise awareness of Indonesian food in the Bay Area and beyond.

ChiliCali cooking sauces are available for purchase at Safeway, GoodEggs, and

IG: @ChiliCali