Indonesian Inspired Feast

Mission District, San Francisco


Pop-up space
Banquet (20+ Guests)
indonesian, asian
Local, Organic
For tonight’s dinner I’m showcasing my favorite Indonesian dishes that I make at home. These recipes and flavors were passed down from my grandmother – with my personal flare. My hope is after this dinner you will have some insight into Indonesia's diverse culinary culture and become more familiar with flavors that represent my everyday cooking. Family Style.

Menu detail

Eggplants Balado
Charred eggplants cooked in spicy tomato sauce, brown sugar, lemongrass, and kaffir lime leaves.
Prawns Fried Rice
Indonesian fried rice.
Ikan Pepes
Steamed fish marinated in lime, turmeric paste, and lemongrass wrapped in banana leaves.
Beef Rendang
Indonesia most celebrated dish. Dry Beef curry. Beef braised in coconut galangal, turmeric, and lemongrass. The liquid is reduced until the curry is savory and dry.
Tempeh & Green Beans Tauco
Green beans and Tempeh braised in Indonesian sweet soy sauce and the umami fermented bean paste called tauco.
Dadar Gulung
Pandan crepes filled with coconut and palm sugar.


Plate & Silverware Rental (per Person)
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Indonesian Inspired Feast

Mission District, San Francisco
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