The Ties That Bind Us: Filipino-Indonesian Feast

In-PersonSOMA, San Francisco


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Banquet (20+ Guests)
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The Philippines has seven thousand islands and it has the longest discontinuous coastline in the world. Since cuisines are born on the land and grow within its climate, contours, topography, and geography, not surprising that the Philipines with its tropical weather, plains and mountains, and wealth of water sources, it has a culinary pattern similar to its neighboring country, Indonesia, which has fifteen thousand islands, covers a large portion of Southeast Asia. Join us tonight for this unique dining experience- comparing side by side delicious dishes of the Philipines and Indonesia, also a rare collaboration of Chef Yana (Salo) and Siska (ChiliCali). Food will be served on banana leaves inspired by the Filipino Kamayan and Indonesian Botram. Eating with your hand is encouraged.

Menu detail

Filipino Dinuguan
Crispy Pork Belly, Blood Sauce, Thai Chilies, Vinegar.
Indonesian Saksang Arsik
Braised pork belly, Blood sauce. Andaliman pepper, Thai basil, Thai Chilies, Lime.
Filipino Tortang Talong
Roasted Eggplants, Tomatoes, Onions, Eggs, Scallions.
Indonesian Terong Sambal
Fried eggplants, Tomatoes, Red Chili, Kafir Lime Leaves, Shallots.
Filipino Beef Kulma
Braised Beef Short ribs, coconut curry.
Indonesian Beef Rendang
Braised Beef chuck, coconut milk, lemon grass, galangal.
Steamed Rice
Small Plate
This meal comes with a side of steamed white rice.
Avocado Ice Cream + Coconut Ice Cream
1 scoop of Avocado Ice Cream topped with chocolate and condensed milk. (Yana) 1 scoop of Coconut Ice Cream served with diced mangoes. (Siska)

The Ties That Bind Us: Filipino-Indonesian Feast

In-PersonSOMA, San Francisco
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