Indonesian Fried Rice Social

In-PersonMission District, San Francisco


Pop-up space
BYOW,Available for purchase
Large (15-20 Guests)
indonesian, malaysian, asian
Halal, Local, Organic, Vegetarian
Not all fried rice are created equal! Tonight's feature of Indonesian fried rice, a national dish that's both unique and satisfying. Indonesian fried rice is very fragrant. The secret is the spice combination and thick, sweet, Indonesian soy sauce called "kecap." Plus, this dish never comes to the party solo: Fried chicken, vegetables in peanut sauce, and beef rendang as sides guaranteed to add to the fun. All dishes are using ChiliCali's cooking sauces. The cooking sauces will be available for sale during this dinner, or

Menu detail

Gado-Gado Salad
Seasonal veggies mix with peanut sauce. Toppings include "perkedel" or kukui (candle) nut potato cakes and chips.
Indonesian fried rice
No gimmicks. You will absolutely love fried rice flavored with aromatic spices. Using Siska's turmeric, kukui (candle nut), and sambal sauces, topped with fried shallots - it's a lively combination. The contrast of rice and all the side dishes are absolutely addictive. You'll get a glorious fried egg to top it all.
Fried Egg
Small Plate
Fried but with a runny yolk to drench the rice!
Indonesian Fried Chicken
Small Plate
Chicken wings marinated in Siska's turmeric sauce for many hours then deep fried, topped with roasted shredded coconut. Served with Sambal hot sauce.
Beef Rendang
Small Plate
Medan-style Beef Rendang. Chuck braised with Siska's turmeric and galangal sauces and coconut milk, then after nearly all the liquid has evaporated, the remaining sauce is caramelized by frying it in the oil that the meat released during braising.
Homemade coconut ice cream
Slices of mango and homemade coconut ice cream. Non dairy, low sugar.


Red wine per glass
Rose per glass

Indonesian Fried Rice Social

In-PersonMission District, San Francisco
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