Winter Warmer

In-PersonWash Park, Denver


Medium (10-15 Guests)
french, north american
What better than a hearty meal to warm you up when the weather outside chills you to the bone! This menu is designed to bring some warmth back to those bones! Voluptuous soup, braised and roasted meats comprise the primary fare for the season, and there will be no shortage of either. Based in classic French technique, the first 2 courses will be served plated, while the entree will be served family-style. Dessert again plated and served with coffee and tea.

Menu detail

Sunchoke Veloute
Small Plate
Black Truffle Cream, Sunchoke Chips, Chive This dish is more of a small cup, than a small plate... This velvety soup is made from Jersualem artichokes, a sweet and nutty tuber, and gains its creaminess from the pureed chokes. The truffle pairs perfectly and draws some of the earthiness from the soup, while the fried chips accent the nutty flavor and add some contrast of texture. It will be sure to start warming you up!
Braised Short Rib Pappardelle
Red wine-braised Short Ribs, Seasonal Mushrooms, Baby Spinach, Pearl Onions There is nothing so glorious on a cold wintry day as the smell of beef braising in the oven! This classic red wine braise involves marinating the short ribs for a full 24 hours in red wine and aromatics before a slow braising technique, for a super tender and fully flavored end result... which you get to devour! Served with hearty sauteed mushrooms and caramelized pearl onions over housemade pappardelle.
Garlic-Roasted Rack of Lamb
Honey-roasted Beets, Gratin of Creamed Lacinto Kale, Black Garlic Lamb Jus Everyone knows the best lamb in the country comes from Colorado, so it would be a shame not to feature this ingredient! Paired with another CO staple, beets that are slow-roasted with honey until just tender, and a totally seasonal ingredient in kale with mornay sauce and gruyere cheese! The only thing better would be potato gratin, but we'll save that for another dinner. By the way, if you've never tried black garlic, you are missing out!
Sticky Toffee Pudding
Salted Caramel, Candied Walnuts, Lemon Sorbet The classic English dessert served with a rich salted caramel sauce made with Stranahan's CO whiskey. Talk about something hearty to warm you up on a cold night! Paired with the lemon sorbet to cut through the richness of the toffee pudding and refresh the palate in between bites.


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Winter Warmer

In-PersonWash Park, Denver
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