Spring into Vegetables!!!

In-PersonFive Points, Denver


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There's almost nothing better than spring veggies! This dinner is a celebration of the bounty that spring has to offer after the cold and dark days of winter. Asparagus, morels, ramps, stinging nettles- these are just a sampling of the incredible produce that come about during the spring season, and weather permitting, will be featured for this event. All dishes will be served plated. Coffee and tea will be offered with dessert.

Menu detail

English Pea Soup
Fresh English Peas, Lemon & Black Pepper Creme Fraiche, Mint Pesto Starting with one of the true delights of spring, fresh English peas are one of the first veggies to sprout, and was a favorite of Thomas Jefferson, America's first "foodie". A light soup prepared by blending these sweet peas with vegetable stock with aromatics is a stark contrast to the traditional version of a heavier split-pea soup. The sweetness of the peas is accented by the addition of whipped lemon creme fraiche and a drizzle of mint pesto.
Raw & Cooked Radishes
Glazed Radishes, Shaved Baby Radishes, Grain Mustard Vinaigrette, Butter Lettuce, Radish Sprouts, Candied Almonds The contrast of raw & cooked preparations of a specific vegetable was an eye-opening experience for a young chef such as myself. Radishes in particular, while spicy and crunchy in the raw, take on a sweeter, silkier persona once cooked. This "salad" highlights that contrast, and is enhanced by the sweet & spicy flavors of the grain mustard and the candied almonds and their different textures.
Tender Colorado Asparagus
Small Plate
Bearnaise, Herbs Simple and straightforward, yet oh so delicious. The epitome of "less is more." Just white and green asparagus, bearnaise, and fresh picked herbs. Asparagus in its prime, with classic French accompaniments. 'Nuff said.
Fava Bean & Ricotta Ravioli and Morels
Handmade Pasta filled with Fava Bean & Ricotta Mousse, Fresh Morel Mushrooms, Fiddlehead Ferns, Pickled Ramps, Stinging Nettle & Baby Spinach Puree Morels are one of my all-time favorites, and during the spring they are at their peak! The short season calls for them to be the "star of the show", as their delicate earthy flavor is prized among chefs and foodies alike. Slowly sauteed with ramps, and served with the first fava beans of the season mixed with ricotta and stuffed in handmade pasta, they are accompanied by tart pickled ramps and earthy fiddlehead ferns. The stinging nettles are blended with baby spinach to get your taste buds singing the praises of spring!
Haystack Mountain Camembert
Honeycomb, Strawberry Lavender Marmalade, Housemade Cranberry-Currant Bread We're keeping it light here, and serving a very French country-style dessert. A goat's milk camembert (surface-ripened bloomy-rind cheese designed after the traditional cow's milk cheese from Normandy in Northern France) produced here in Colorado is paired with local honeycomb and a strawberry marmalade scented with fresh lavender. All can be smeared on freshly-baked bread for an ethereal end to a fantastic meal, leaving guests satisfied but not overly-stuffed.

Spring into Vegetables!!!

In-PersonFive Points, Denver
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