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Christian Garcia(7)
Washington, DC


Born and raised in Mexico City. Only child and afraid of spicy food during his childhood. Grew up watching and learning cooking from his abuelita, and in her words 'cooking for other people should be a proof that you love and care for them.' Moved to DC as a young professional in the diplomatic scene, and later switched gears to the culinary field. After graduating from L'Academie de Cuisine from the Pastry Arts Program and several years working in some well known restaurants in DC, he decided to started listening to his wife and began cooking more Mexican food at home. This allowed him to realize that Mexican food (the original, authentic Mexican food) is delicious and very complex in flavors, textures, and techniques. Now as a part of Feastly, let us share this adventure in a journey through reconnecting with old and new friends who share passion for good food and fun times.