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Christina Parisi(5)
Corte Madera, CA


I'm an Italian cook by heart and an architect by trade, with a strong knowledge of Italian traditional cuisine and very deep understanding of Italian culinary regional culture, which I like to share and enjoy with my new found Californian community.

After many years of cooking and hanging out with my friends grandmas and local Italian chefs I built my passion for cooking in the deepest respect of the best traditional flavors that each Italian region can offer... day after day.... one flavor at the time. I love to share all these precious secrets with as many people as possible .. so they will find a new home in your kitchen. I will try to propose as much as possible organic and consistent meals that describe a geographic area of Italy. Some ingredients will be necessarily imported since they are not available in California, but most of the dishes will be made from scratch. Wines and pastas, cheeses and desserts, every meal will be a concert of flavors that belong to the same geographic area, and so for have an historical reason to be paired up. I'm here to make your Italian dream meal happen.