Mexican Street Food Favorites

In-PersonInner Southeast, Portland


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This is a sampling of street food in Mexico that we love to share! The best thing about street food is the flavors are staples, and keep the traditions vendor, selling his specialty, day in day out walking in the streets in Mexico. Héctor brings these staples to you with his own touches. Served family/fiesta style. We recommend this meal as brunch/lunch, or don't order the egg dish and serve as a casual dinner gathering.

Menu detail

Choose three Botanas
Raw Salsa Verde is made with tomatillos, cilantro, onion and chiles. Served with Chips. Pico de Gallo- Chopped tomato, cilantro, garlic, mango, onion, serrano chile, lime. Salsa Molcajete is charred tomatoes, roasted chiles & garlic ground in a volcanic rock molcajete. Served with Chips Guacamole- served on chicharron (fried pig skin) with grasshoppers (grasshoppers-chapulines are from Oaxaca) Esquites-An alternative street food style to the elote- corn on the cob in Mexico- esquites are the kernels with epazote infused broth, queso cotija, homemade mayo, lime, chile. It's magical. Mango with Chile & Lime-Traditional fresh cut chunks of mango in a cup with chile & lime. Simple and so surprisingly wonderful!
Choose Two Small Plates
Small Plate
Mini Pambazo Sandwich-Pambazo is made on bolillos (rolls) marinated with guajillo chile salsa and grilled- filled with carrots, potatoes, onions, cream and lettuce with chorizo (or vegetarian). A street staple and mighty tasty. Tlayudita-From Oaxaca, this is a crispy, thin tortilla topped with a thin layer of beans, queso Oaxaca, cecina (thin cut beef) and served with salsas. Huevos en Hoja- An egg baked in a corn husk. The husk brings out a wonderful earthy smoky taste. Mix it with a salsa appetizer for the best combo. Tamales Oaxaqueños- Corn masa filled with pork shoulder or vegetarian option (rajas,queso oaxaca, with caramelized onions) wrapped in banana leaf and steamed. (choose 50/50 if desired)
Camote al Horno-baked sweet potatoes with condensed milk. Fresas con Crema- Strawberries with Sweet Cream


Polar Bubbly Water
Additional Dessert
Additional Botana
Endless Coffee (Cream & Sugar)
Mexican Beer
Mimosa Donaji (Champagne, Orange Juice, Hibiscus)
Additional Small Plate
Mimosa Paloma (Champagne with Grapefruit Juice)
Tequila Cocktail-Paloma (Grapefruit Juice & Thyme)
Tequila Cocktail Donaji (Orange Juice & Hibiscus)
Mezcal Cocktail Donaji (Orange Juice & Hibiscus)
Mezcal Cocktail-Paloma (Grapefruit Juice & Thyme)
Bartender per hour
Folk Musician- 2 @20 minutes sets (acoustic)

Mexican Street Food Favorites

In-PersonInner Southeast, Portland
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