Best Burgers Ever

Tastemaker and master of all things meat, Marcus Meacham, knows that a better burger is just a few fresh ingredients and steps away. This class provides six unique burger recipes and will teach you how to grind your own meat, make your own condiments, and create unforgettable flavor combinations.

What's Included

  • Shopping List

  • Equipment List

  • 6 In-depth Lessons

7 Videos
  • 1. Best Burgers Ever Introduction (Free)0:27
  • 2. The Office Burger - L 112:03
  • 3. Turkey Burger - L 212:43
  • 4. Duck Burger - L 313:54
  • 5. Crawfish Burger - L 46:30
  • 6. Surf and Turf Burger - L 58:08
  • 7. Scotch Egg Burger - L 66:01

Meet the Instructor

Marcus Meacham

Marcus Meacham is a self-taught culinary guru who has worked his way to the top of the food scene in Columbus. He describes his unique style as "Imaginative Cuisine"...anything with bold and creative flavors that has a cool combination of creamy, smooth, bright, and earthy. Meacham’s dishes may seem like a lot to comprehend, but when you taste them, you know what’s up.

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