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California Grain Bowl

Learn the secrets to making a clean, nourishing grain bowl from your favorite ingredients.

What's Included

  • Shopping List

  • Equipment List

  • 6 In-depth Lessons

7 Videos
  • 1. California Grain Bowl Introduction (Free)0:43
  • 2. Brown Rice - L 12:44
  • 3. Purple Barley - L 22:34
  • 4. Black-Eyed Peas - L 32:42
  • 5. Quick Pickles - L 44:07
  • 6. Savory Ginger Jam - L 53:51
  • 7. The Grain Bowl - L 63:08

Meet the Instructor

Minh Phan

Minh Phan is the acclaimed chef and owner of Porrdige + Puffs, and is a workshop instructor at The Gourmandise School. A classically trained chef who made a name for herself cooking in restaurants across the country, you can currently find her cooking in Los Angeles at Porridge + Puffs events, as well as through her fine dining catering company Mignardises.

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