Making Your Own Jam

Learn about what constitutes a jam, and how that differs from a preserve, marmalade or jelly. Fresh fruit jam is so simple anyone can make it with a little preparation. In this class we'll teach you not only a basic recipe for homemade jam, but also some of the principles and theory behind turning fruit and sugar into delicious jam.

What's Included

  • Shopping List

  • Equipment List

  • 8 In-depth Lessons

9 Videos
  • 1. Introduction to Making Your Own Jam (free) (Free)1:25
  • 2. What is Jam? - L 13:45
  • 3. Choosing the Right Fruits - L 24:21
  • 4. Organizing Your Kitchen - L 35:28
  • 5. Preparing Your Fruit - L 49:01
  • 6. Cooking Your Fruit - L 518:30
  • 7. What is Pectin? - L 63:06
  • 8. Canning - L 714:12
  • 9. Final Thoughts - L 83:03

Meet the Instructor

Kevin West

Kevin was the West Coast editor of W magazine and now runs the blog; writes about food, culture, and travel; and produces a retail collection of jams and marmalades. He is certified as a Master Food Preserver, and authored an entertaining and detailed guide to home canning, pickling, and preserving.

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