Skillet Desserts

6 Videos
  • 1. Skillet Desserts Introduction (Free)0:25
  • 2. Donut Bread Pudding - L 13:25
  • 3. Campfire S'mores - L 24:41
  • 4. Strawberry Brownie - L 35:54
  • 5. Buckeye Brûlée - L 44:03
  • 6. Banana Pancake Cake - L 54:32

Class Info

Your favorite piece of cookware is now your ticket to wonderful desserts.

Tastemaker and chef, Marcus Meacham, knows what the most valuable kitchen tool is - a cast-iron skillet. This versatile piece of cookware is great for serving family style desserts, getting crispy edges all over your brownies, and it even doubles as a baking dish. With this class, you'll get five show-stopping and unique desserts, all served up in a cast-iron skillet.

Taught ByMarcus Meacham