San Francisco, CA


6 years ago, I upended my life and decided to move to Tokyo so I could experience real sushi in it's purest form. I always loved it, but I knew there were limits to what we had available in the US. After reading Anthony Bourdain's 'A Cook's Tour,' I knew I had to do something crazy if I really wanted to expand my horizons - it was a now or never moment.

I worked in tech to pay the bills, but in retrospect I realize now that it was always a front for my real intentions. In between bingeing on some of the most amazing food I've ever eaten, I discovered real ramen and fell in love all over again.

Though sushi is, and always will be my true love, it wasn't sustainable and ramen like a warm fuzzy pork belly blanket was always there to support and comfort me during those frigid lulls between paychecks until I could get my next sushi fix.

Countless food-epiphanies later, I'm back in SF with a burning passion for delicious food, but still feeling like I've only begun to scratch the surface of what I experienced in Japan.

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