Noodle in a Haystack: Shio

In-PersonDaly City, Daly City


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My gateway into the world of real ramen in Tokyo was similar to what's prevalent in SF today - rich & heavy pork bone broths, but after living there for a few years, my tastes changed as I discovered the full spectrum of varieties available. My current favorites are lighter soups that don't sacrifice flavor for richness! We've been working towards this for the better part of 2 years and we think we finally have something we are happy with slurping - our own version of Shio Ramen!

Menu detail

Deviled Ramen Egg
House marinated salmon roe, kewpie, umami powder, daikon pickles, nori & shichimi chicken cracklin'
Small Plate
Crispy deep fried 9hr soy ginger scallion braised pork belly, lime-kosho aioli, Arugula with Soy umami veg-e-grette
Homemade pickles of the Day
Yuzu Shio Ramen
Noodle: For a limited time - we're using a special Japanese whole wheat flecked noodle we had custom made for us at the World Ramen Grand Prix! Soup: A combination of a low & slow chicken broth & our house blend dashi made with a special blend of smoked and dried Japanese fish, konbu from Hokkaido, and shiitake mushrooms to add depth and umami. Toppings: Sous vide chicken ham, 3 day marinated soft boiled ramen egg, citrus infused chicken schmaltz, crispy shallots, daikon sprouts
Strawberry Matcha FroYo
Homemade FroYo, Strawberry, Matcha crumble


Sapporo beer
TW Pitchers Grapefruit + Blood Orange Radler

Noodle in a Haystack: Shio

In-PersonDaly City, Daly City
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