Noodle in a Haystack: Abura Soba

In-PersonDaly City, Daly City


Available for purchase,BYOW
Medium (10-15 Guests)
japanese, asian noodle soup
Abura Soba or dry oil noodles, the quintessential hangover ramen. Traditionally it’s served with ramen tare and oil, but for our version, we have a nice clear duck dashi on the side so you can slurp some noodles, have a sip of soup, or even add a little into your noodles. The sky is the limit! We’ll be flavoring ours with roasted garlic scallion duck fat, Foie dripping aioli, and a rich pork belly braising concentrate. On the side, a few surprise sauces so you can make it your own!

Menu detail

Deviled Ramen Egg
House marinated salmon roe, kewpie mayo, umami powder, daikon pickles, shichimi togarashi, chicken cracklin'
Something Seasonal
Something great we promise!
Homemade pickles of the day
Duck dashi
All day simmered clear duck broth flavored with aromatics combined with a smoked fish Dashi Served with the ramen, you can sip it on the side or mix it into the noodles for a different experience!
FoieAbura Soba
Medium thick chewy & wavy “massaged” temomi noodles coated and tossed in a concentrated shoyu tare made from the drippings of a 9hr braised pork belly, roasted garlic scallion duck fat, and “gyofun” umami powder Topped with a 3 - 5 day marinated ramen egg, charred duck and pork belly, Foie gras dripping aioli, menma, nori, arare rice puffs, scallions, aged onion Served with some “Ajihen” change up oils, sauces, and spices so you can make the bowl your own!
Strawberry Matcha FroYo
Homemade yuzu-honey FroYo, Strawberry, Matcha crumble


Sapporo beer
TW Pitchers: Grapefruit Blood orange Radler
Kikusui (Junmai ginjo sake)
Yuzu-Hi (yuzu soda, vodka, lime)

Noodle in a Haystack: Abura Soba

In-PersonDaly City, Daly City
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